How it all began...

One hot summers day, a long, long time ago, a farmer turned to his wife and said “I, my dear, have had an idea” and so it began! Maybe in reality not that long ago, but that is how our journey started.


On the hills of the Yorkshire Wolds is a farm where Adam Palmer and his team grow, cold press and bottle the finest award winning rapeseed oil. The presses have been running in Thixendale since 2008 supplying the region with an ever expanding range of foodie treats. Along with a growing product range there has also been a growing passion for all things flavourful.


In 2014 the Palmer family launched Charlie & Ivy’s; inspired to take flavours one step further. Passionate about British food and farming and dedicated to offering people something a bit different our ‘deliciously delightful bread dippers’ were born. Inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle with a twist of British charm; our bread dippers are proving popular with foodies across the nation. Frequenting the tables at barbeques, suppers, lunches and picnics, our flavours are designed to make your taste buds tingle.


Charlie & Ivy’s dippers, dressings, oils and mayonnaise are all now widely available across Britain. Every flavour filled product of ours still starts its life on our farm in Yorkshire ensuring the highest quality products for you to enjoy. From seed to bottle we know our products inside out!


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Charlie and Ivy's Rapeseed Oil