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How it all began


Once upon a time, on a small farm in Yorkshire, a group of friends sat round a table and talked. They chatted, as they always did, of great food, delicious drink and soaked in the late summer sun. Then one of them had an idea…

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to do something a little bit different? Something that we loved, and could enjoy ourselves. We should make something, something really tasty that people could really enjoy.” And so, it began.

On the hills of the Yorkshire Wolds is a farm where we grow and bottle the finest, award winning, cold pressed rapeseed oil. Our presses have been running here since 2008 supplying the nation with an ever-expanding range of foodie treats.

In 2014 we really did sit with our friends and talk about the launch of what was soon to be Charlie & Ivy’s. Inspired to take flavours one step further, to create something different to what was currently offered on the delicatessen shelves. Passionate about British food and great flavour, and with our dedicated team by our side, recipe development began.

Before long we were launching our full range. The rest, as they say, is history!


A few years in and every flavour filled product still starts its life on our farm, ensuring the highest quality products for you to enjoy. From seed to bottle we know our products inside out. Our bread dippers are proving popular with foodies across the nation, frequenting the tables at barbecues, suppers, lunches and picnics, keeping Britain’s taste buds entertained!

If you know us, you’ll know that we’re passionate foodies, and passionate about social eating and sharing food with great friends. We believe food should bring together friends and family alike. Around the table we are not just enjoying food, but sharing stories, ideas, plans and hopes.

It’s food that connects us, and we thank you for joining us on our journey.

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Bread Dippers