Our Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil is now becoming widely recognised as an excellent British alternative to olive oil. Its gentle flavour and high burn point make it ideal for anything from stir-frying to drizzling on salads and with only half the saturated fat of olive oil it is a healthy option too! All of our rapeseed oil is cold pressed - this means that no heat or chemicals have been used to extract the oil from the seed. We cold press our seed only once, ensuring the very best quality product that contains the maximum amount of goodness for you!


All the seed we press is gown by either ourselves or farms that we know and trust. We feel it is an important factor to know where your food comes from, and where it is processed. Everything we make is done so on the farm here in Yorkshire, with a team of family and friends working with us to insure the very best quality product for you to use at home.


Rapeseed Oil is known for its delicious, mild and nutty flavour and we find it makes a delicious star ingredient for everything we make!



Charlie and Ivy's Rapeseed Oil