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Bread Dippers

Our deliciously delightful bread dippers are a refreshing alternative to the traditional snacks when entertaining. Just pour into a bowl and cut or tear some crusty bread to dip. Alternatively serve as part of a sharing platter alongside other tasty treats. Shop here.

  • Lemon Balsamic & Juniper Berry  
  • Garlic, Oregano & Balsamic
  • Smoked Garlic & Black Peppercorn
  • Ginger, Garlic & Chilli
  • Rosemary, Thyme & Lemon with Red Wine Vinegar
  • Cumin, Chilli & Coriander Seed       


A range of seriously scrumptious dressings, stepping up the simplest of suppers. Drizzle on as a dressing or use as a marinade, each of our dressings has its perfect food pairing. Shop here.

  • Lemon & Poppy Seed
  • Sesame & Soy
  • Smoked Chilli
  • Honey & Mustard


Our brilliantly british mayonnaises are guaranteed to liven up the most basic sandwich! Spread generously onto bread and use to trap in your favourite fillings. Also pretty perfect for the dunking of chips! Shop here.

  • Classic Mayonnaise
  • Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Mustard Mayonnaise
  • Smoked Mayonnaise

Rapeseed Oil

A British alternative to olive oil, our gloriously golden rapeseed oil is 100% British and with its high burn point and gentle flavour it is an ideal culinary oil for all your foodie needs! Try our flavoured oils to add some easy flavour to your cooking creations. Shop here.

  • Natural Rapeseed Oil
  • Garlic Rapeseed Oil
  • Chilli Rapeseed Oil
  • Lemon Rapeseed Oil