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Horseradish, Tomato & Fennel Bruschetta (V / VG)

Toasted sourdough, topped with Horseradish mayo and piled up with heritage tomatoes and fennel, making a delicious summer lunch - it's a winner.


Slices of sourdough

Spoonful of Horseradish Plant Based Mayonnaise

Good drizzle of  White Balsamic, Tarragon & White Peppercorn Bread dipper

Handful of heritage tomatoes

Small fennel bulb, plus leaves

1 clove of garlic


Pop your sourdough slices in a roasting tin and drizzle over a little bread dipper and rub over the bread with a garlic clove. Do this on both sides before popping under the grill until lightly browned, again on both sides. Chop the tomatoes into chunks, along with thin slices of the fennel bulb.

Mix together along with some more of the bread dipper, some chopped fennel leaves, and season.

Top the sourdough slices with a good dollop of the Horseradish mayo, followed by the tomatoes and fennel.

To finish, drizzle over the bread dipper and a little more of the fennel leaves.