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Fresh Potato Salad with Garden Herbs dressed with Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise (V)

A simple salad full of summer flavour.

Serves 4


800g new season potatoes, cooked in their skins and cooled

1 bunch of radishes (around 250g)

3-4 spring onions

A small handful each of fresh chives, parsley and basil

3 -4 tbsp Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise

A twist of salt


To create this simple salad start by finely slicing your radishes and adding to a large mixing bowl. Next chop your spring onions using as much of the green stem as possible, add to the radishes. Roughly chop your fresh herbs and add to the bowl. Finish by adding your potatoes. If they are only small you can leave them whole, however should you prefer to chop them up a little then feel free to do so! Give everything a gentle stir through, then add the mayonnaise and a twist of salt. Finally stir until all ingredients are covered with a coating of the mayonnaise dressing.

You can make this salad when the potatoes are still warm and serve straight away, or if you prefer you can make up in advance and keep refrigerated until needed. To serve simply turn out onto a serving platter or salad dish and enjoy as part of your feast.

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