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Shaved Fennel & Celeriac Salad with Mustard & Ale (V)

We're all about the salads and this seasonal one ticks all our flavour boxes.

Serves 4


1 bulb fennel, hard root removed and sliced into julienne strips

300g celeriac, tough skin removed and sliced into julienne strips

1 crisp, green apple, cored, quartered and sliced into julienne strips - we used a Granny Smith

75g walnuts

2 tbsp Charlie & Ivy's Mustard & Ale Mayonnaise

Scattering of pomegranate seeds 


Take the fennel, celeriac and apple and cut into julienne strips. Toss together, crumbling in the walnuts, roughly breaking them up as you add them. Stir through with the Mustard & Ale mayonnaise, and finish with the pomegranate seeds to serve. 

This can be enjoyed immediately or made in advance and kept in the fridge for 24 hours.

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